Procratination poster

It’s pretty easy to make an excuse for not starting a task. Isn´t it? Why do we all procrastinate? Because it is human. Is it ok? Sometimes. Sometimes not.

The trick is to know when a reason is valid and when it’s a creative way to avoid taking action.

In order to help you to stop being lazy and getting shit done we put 20+ common procrastination excuses on this poster. When you take time to explore these thoughts, you’ll find that it’s easy to overcome them and create an action-oriented mindset.

Use it as follows:

  • Place it on the wall in a meeting room or your office.
  • Next time you're struggling with procrastination look at this poster and start working :-).

The poster is in A2 format that fits into a 500×700 mm commercial frame, but with the help of scissors, it can be fitted into a 400×600 mm frame as well. :) The poster is supplied in a tube with a cap; so, it cannot be damaged during transport. The frame is not included.

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